Land Camps

271 Offshore accommodation solutions serve the offshore oil and gas market and also offer a suitable land camp accommodation alternative for the renewable and marine sectors.  Utilisation of our modules onshore allows us to offer accommodation solutions wherever your next project may be based, regardless of the industry or location

Our Land Camp Accommodation alternative is a great option for your onshore accommodation requirements and, just like the offshore solution, many facilities and ancillary modules can be added to the overall block enhancing comfort levels.

Our flexible and rugged land camp buildings are suitable for workers camps as well as offshore, remote, self-sufficient camps. The modular units can be configured in a number of ways to accommodate offices, galleys, sleeping accommodation and warehouse facilities to name just a few.

living quarters

offshore and onshore

"We're finding that our land based solutions are more cost effective and fit for purpose than other alternatives. The stages are relatively simple, as shown below."


First module focusing on locking mechanism

land camps stage 1
land camps locking


Install second module and lock into position


Install remainder of level 1 modules and lock into position

land camps
land camps


Install level 2 modules and lock into position


Close up of the locking mechanism

land camps
land camps


Service side


The view from above which includes facility modules for dining and recreation if required. 

land camps
land camps


Typical side elevation at service side


Complete unit

Advantages of the 32’ x 10’ Linkable Units

Worker Satisfaction

There are ensuite showers, wash and toilet units in all cabins whether senior, junior or worker cabins (1, 2 or 4 person cabins). This again saves space on site with far fewer external toilet and shower blocks required. It makes for a cleaner, healthier and happier environment for the whole workforce to live in.

Intelligent Building

The corridor creates a natural airlock between outside and the cabin. This in turn stops cooled or heated air loss to the outside when personnel enter and exit their rooms. This also cuts down noise disturbance from outside and minimises dirt from outside to inside cabin since shoe racks can be placed in recesses in the corridors.


There are no external walkways required, only stairs where modules are stacked. This means an overall smaller footprint on site.


The overall rental cost per person is around the same, however large cost savings are made regarding delivery, hook up, removal, maintenance and walkways. There is also a lower cost for mechanical & services installation hook-up and eventual disassembly, since there are less items to hook up to and lower maintenance costs since there are less systems to maintain.

Reduced Freight

Lower overall delivery cost and environmental impact since there are half the quantity of modules to truck/ship/truck to site.


Since the modules are 10’-00” wide, this creates a much more user friendly and functional space than that of a standard 20’ x 8’ module. The space created in 1, 2 & 4 person cabins has a far more open and less claustrophobic feel to it.

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