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Peter Drucker, fondly described as ‘the founder of modern management’, is perhaps best known for his contribution to the philosophical and practical foundations of modern business.  While researching for this article, I came across a quote of his which speaks of the transition period our oil and gas industry has gone through of late.

“The enterprise that does not innovate, ages and declines and in a period of rapid change, such as the present, the decline will be fast.”

It may appear negative to mention this after a period of decline, but the decline was fast and the road back to prosperity has been difficult.  The more prosperous future we now see is a result of the innovation with which Aberdeen and the surrounding area is now rife. 

A good example is Texo Drone, a survey and inspection company based in Essex but with offices and a growing profile in Aberdeen, who are experiencing vast growth through innovation.  Their use of drone technology has been a revelation for the industry, reducing risk and providing services that had previously been far more expensive.

Exploration and production has already benefited from advancements in technology so tasks such as decommissioning should be tackled with an assured confidence.  As an industry, our innovative approach to adversity has given us a platform to share our knowledge with burgeoning oil and gas activity across the world.  As a business, we quickly realised that the need for innovation is greater than ever.  

271 Offshore was set up as a rental business, across various industry sectors, offering products and services that were common place in the market.  With every enquiry received however, we began to realise that nothing is ever standard or common and each quotation we issued offered something unique.  To be able to offer the unique aspect is innovation in itself and we soon realised that the perception of a rental company no longer seemed to fit our offering.

We still plan on providing a rental service and the standard units will remain integral to our offering but to better reflect our focus on modules and bespoke engineering solutions, the rental division will now fall under the new MML banner.

MML, or Modular Manufacturing Limited, is the evolved form of 271 Offshore which will encompass our rental business and provide innovative modular solutions for an industry moving forward.  Our state of the art manufacturing facility offers us the ability to produce unique containers and modules able to support any new innovation while still remaining cost effective and certified for the necessary environment.

MML  provide the full engineering package which includes the following;

  •     Structural Design and Survey.
  •     Design and Design Review.
  •     Full Technical Specification.
  •     Manufacture and Project Management.
  •     FAT testing prior to shipment.
  •     Hook Up and Project Support.
  •     Full Commission and Manual Handover.
  •     Back up support from our Head Office in Aberdeen.

If your next project would benefit from a bespoke modular container we’d like to hear from you.  Contact us on sales@mmloffshore.com

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