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solar panels

Plan B?

‘As the world changes, all energies change with it’. This was the heading of an Engie news article, written to explain their rebranding from GDF to Engie.  In order to better reflect a changing market and encompass all forms of energy they took the decision to make their own transition.  With a rising sun in […]

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rise of the independents

Rise of the Independents

Earlier this month news broke that Statoil were preparing to drill up to 40 exploration wells and, while Statoil remain a dominant player in the industry, this ambitious and prosperous jump into the new year has echoed across the board. With fresh opportunities for investment in the North Sea, an abundance of smaller, independent companies

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Innovation Hub

Evolve and Prosper

Peter Drucker, fondly described as ‘the founder of modern management’, is perhaps best known for his contribution to the philosophical and practical foundations of modern business.  While researching for this article, I came across a quote of his which speaks of the transition period our oil and gas industry has gone through of late. “The

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brent platform

Decommissioning Drive

It was announced earlier this year that Shell have embarked on the task of decommissioning Brent, one of their most iconic oil fields. This brings the challenge of plugging the 154 wells and taking apart the four platforms that marked one of Britain’s most memorable North Sea fields. Over the next 10 years there is

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